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Beast Blender Reviews: Is the Beast Blender Worth It? [2023]

The Beast Blender comes with a single jar and a drinking lid that matches and has a carrying loop. If you’re not ready to consume your smoothies right away, you can simply store them using the storage lid. Although it isn’t particularly small for a personal blender, it has a high-end build that matches its pricey price. 

But, should you buy the blender? Please read on.

Quick Look

For making smoothies for one person, the Beast Blender is excellent. Smoothies made with fibrous ingredients, like kale, have a remarkable, almost flawlessly smooth texture. The blending jar’s cap lid makes it portable, but keep in mind that it is wider than the majority of personal jars and most likely won’t fit in your car’s cup holder. Additionally, it’s relatively quiet for a personal blender, which is convenient if you live with others who might be bothered by your early-morning smoothie blending. The blades cannot be put in a dishwasher, but they are simple to clean by hand.


  • blends ingredients with fiber smoothly.
  • Quiet and well-built
  • Makes bar-quality crushed ice


  • Dishwasher safety does not apply to blades.

The Specs

  • Dimensions:92 x 4.92 x 15.75 inches (with large blending vessel)
  • Weight:12 pounds
  • Watts: 1,000W
  • Blender voltage:120V
  • RPMs: 18,000
  • Capacity: 4 ounces in the large vessel and 11.8 ounces in the small vessel
  • Speeds: Pulse and blend
  • Warranty: 2 years

An Overall Reviews


It is available in three colors (Carbon Black, Pebble Grey, and Cloud White), and its slender upward body and fluted vessel design combine to make a countertop appliance that you won’t want to store in a cabinet.


With the 1000ml blending vessel attached, this blender is not only attractive enough to remain on your counter, but it is also compact enough to occupy very little space there. It is less than 5″ wide and under 16″ tall.

The main reason I stored my old blender in a lower cabinet when not in use, aside from aesthetics, was to save space on my countertop.

But because the Beast’s footprint is so small, I have been leaving it out constantly for the past few months and it hasn’t gotten in the way at all. If you want to blend extra-large amounts at once, the size’s only drawback is that it isn’t very big.

The biggest vessel size is 1000ml (about 4.25 cups) so it’s perfect for smoothies, drinks, and sauces/dips, but it won’t be big enough if you are trying to blend whole batches of family-size soups (which to be honest, an immersion blender is really what you want in that situation rather than a regular blender anyway).


The Beast’s 1000-watt motor has the power to blend even the smoothest smoothies, and it also has a pulse mode for quickly blending things like dips.

To pulse the blender, simply press the main button briefly. To blend, hold the main button down for at least one second to begin a timed one-minute blend cycle (you can stop it early if necessary).

For best blending results, the blender vessel should contain at least 25% liquid, and they advise adding the following ingredients in that order: liquids, ice, produce, leafy greens, powders, seeds, nuts, nut butters, and then honey.

Optional Accessories

For your blender and vessels, there are various accessories that you can get to enhance the experience like a special-shaped brush to clean your vessels (which has a cool mini brush in the handle for small spaces), an 800ml vessel for an in-between size option, and a grooved spatula so you can get every last bit from your blender before washing.

Beast Blender Reviews
Beast Blender Reviews

Compared to Other Blenders

One of the first items produced by East Ηealth, a business established by the founder of NutriΒullet, is the Beast Blender. Fans of a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic will appreciate its sleek design, which sets it apart from other personal blenders. It functions similarly to top-notch personal blenders like the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO, effortlessly producing silky smoothies, spreadable nut butter, and bar-quality ice. Since the jar is large to transport and has interior ridges that can be troublesome to clean, some people might not like its design. The majority of the personal blenders from Nutribullet and Ninja that we’ve tested are quieter and better built than this one.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO

The Beast Health Blender isn’t quite as good as the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO. All of the Ninja’s components, including the blades, are dishwasher-safe, making it simpler to clean by hand. It has two jars that you can use to make single-serve smoothies and does a better job of crushing ice. The Beast, however, has a superior build and a more appealing design. Given how loud the DUO is, the fact that it is significantly quieter might be significant to you.

Ninja Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ

The Beast Health Blender is better than the For the majority of uses, Ninja Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ For most tasks, such as processing fibrous ingredients for silky smoothies and making nut butter, the Beast has a better build quality and performance. However, the Ninja has two jars with to-go lids rather than just one, and it is also quieter. All of its parts are dishwasher safe and are simpler to clean by hand.

NutriBullet Pro 900

For the majority of uses, the Beast Health Blender outperforms the NutriBullet Pro 900. Since you can use the Beast to crush ice without adding liquid to the jar, it has a noticeably better build quality and more versatile performance. It’s easier to clean by hand and does a better job of processing challenging ingredients like nuts. You might prefer the NutriBullet because it has two blending jars rather than one even though both blenders produce incredibly silky blends with small amounts of fibrous ingredients.

NutriBullet Pro+

For the majority of uses, the Beast Health Blender is superior to the NutriBullet Pro+. The Beast blends fibrous ingredients like kale somewhat more smoothly, is much quieter, and has a much better build quality. Additionally, it can be used to crush ice devoid of liquid. On the other hand, the NutriBullet comes with two jars that you can use to make smoothies to-go, and the Beast just has one.

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Top Customer Reviews

Top Positive Review

For convenience’s sake, I wanted to replace my full-size blender with a personal-sized one. I also tried the newest Ninjas, which are high performance but extremely loud and cheap feeling, but The Beast is relatively QUIET compared to others, so it’s a joy to use.

With its design and performance, The Beast offers a premium experience. Just load the ingredients in the proper order, shake it before blending, and it will blend smoothly every time (I make protein powder smoothies with almond milk, frozen fruit, kale, and rolled oats). I just drink straight from the blender cup because there is nothing else to clean.

Cleaning with a brush is quick and simple.

Top Critical Review

I bought into the hype because I thought the product looked great and the marketing was excellent. It does not blend well. There is a technology component that is extremely finicky and won’t let you blend if something is even slightly incorrect. I attempted to blend some iced coffee, but the liquid settled on the bottom and the ice was pushed to the top. I had to try and stir it with a straw to recombine…. not ideal for a $150 blender.

I believe this product was designed for making 1 specific texture of smoothie, and nothing else. Go for it if you only intend to use this for a liquidy smoothie. But this is not a product that is adaptable.

I miss my $20 counterfeit magic wand.

Should You Purchase the Beast Blender?

Whether you have a small kitchen or are cooking for one, the Beast Blender is a great personal blender option. I discovered the blender to be powerful and user-friendly during lab testing. I adore that a smoothie, frozen margarita, sauce, or milkshake can be made in under a minute. However, this was easily fixed by pausing the blender and giving the container a quick shake. Ideally, you could pulse the blender while blending, in case some ingredients are stuck in one place. Monitoring frozen drinks and delicate ingredients may require less blending time than the preset minute since there are only two functions that are both very powerful.

The Beast Blender is better left in one place, even though some personal blenders on the market are made to be portable. Conveniently, it looks great while it’s on your countertop. The blender comes with a lot of pieces that need to be stored, but they are all useful and can all be used together. The containers’ lids are especially useful if you make a sauce or dip that you want to store for later use; you won’t need to dirty another storage container.

The Beast Blender, which costs over $150, is a pricey personal blender, but it comes with a two-year warranty and is a fashionable, simple-to-use blender. Our associate editor of product and reviews, Jacqueline Saguin, is also a fan of the Beast: “I never thought I’d replace my tiny but mighty Ninja blender, but the Beast blender is the total package,” she says. “On my counter, the pebble gray version looks lovely. It makes a little bit more noise than the other blenders I’ve used, but it works quickly and impressively.”

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