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Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer: Attention

An air fryer is a popular kitchen appliance that is used to cook food by circulating hot air around it. This gives the food a crispy texture, similar to what you would get from frying it in oil.

You can put a couple of drops of water into your air fryer’s basket safely. In fact, water in this way can often be beneficial to your cooking. However, adding more than just a couple of drops of water inside your air fryer could be dangerous since an air fryer is an electrical appliance.

Will Water Damage The Air Fryer?


If the electronic equipment of the air fryer comes into contact with water, adding too much water will cause the air fryer to malfunction.

The air fryer has no liquid chamber (it is not used to hold water).

Instead, hot air is generated indoors with the help of heating elements.

This air rotates with the help of a high-speed fan.

If you add a lot of water, the high-speed fan will splash everywhere. Once the water comes into contact with electronic products, it will damage your air fryer.

That’s why you should never immerse an air fryer in water.

If you fall into the water accidentally, unplug the plug immediately.

When the air fryer is inserted and immersed in water, do not put your hands in the water.

It’s OK to drop a few drops under the basket, but don’t fill the air pot with water.

Why Fill Air Fryer With Water?

So what could possibly be the point of adding water to an air fryer? We know from science lessons in primary school that adding water or other liquid to hot oil causes the oil to explode and sends splattering grease everywhere.

So it seems like a poor idea to put water in a fryer. But it can really reduce the risk of filling your home with the stench of burnt grease and making air frying even safer. Instead, as the meal heats up, the water seeps into it, making it moist and mushy.

When Does The Air Fryer Add Water?

At two critical moments, I found myself adding water to the air fryer while cooking;

Minimize smoking from high-fat foods

Adding water to the air fryer has significant benefits, which can reduce the smoke generated when cooking certain foods.

The smoke produced by the air fryer will cause the wall to be stained, inhaled smoke and unpleasant smell. You will want to avoid this situation as much as possible.

The foods that produce the most smoke are those that contain a lot of fat and fat, such as bacon, sausage, or broken meat.

The oil of these foods will drip down, gather at the bottom of the air fryer, and burn there.

When the grease burns, it will produce smoke. Any grease or oil ending at the bottom of the room will cause smoke.

The residue of added oil and debris may also eventually burn at the bottom of the combustion chamber.

Then, the smoke is discharged from the vent of the oil pan and enters the surrounding area.

Fortunately, the simple solution is to add water to the bottom of the air fryer. Water can cool grease and prevent it from burning, thus reducing smoking.

Replenish water for dry food

The air fryer is a great appliance for heating leftovers.

However, leftovers often dry, especially when cooked in an oven or stove.

You can easily solve this problem by adding a little water to the bottom of the air fryer before reheating the food.

The added water will help to replenish water and make the food more delicious.

Just make sure not to add too much water, or you will eat soaked food. A few spoons will do. (Check for Can You Put Wax Paper In An Air Fryer?)

In What Part Of An Air Fryer Do You Put Water?

When using an air fryer, you should either pour water directly onto the food being cooked or into the appliance’s draw (as long as you avoid touching any of the electrical parts of the device).

I frequently decide to add water to the items themselves before I begin cooking out of concern for safety. I do this by either spraying or sprinkling water on the food before placing it in the air fryer’s draw or basket.

How Do You Add Water To The Air Frying Pan?

Add a few spoons to the bottom of the drip pan.

Don’t add too much water, because the water droplets may fly away due to the rotation inside the fan, and finally you will get a liquid full of steam everywhere.

In addition, the basket cannot float normally.

Keep the water away from the electronic equipment of the air fryer, otherwise you will damage the machine and heating elements due to a short circuit.

It’s OK to heat the soup bowl or reheat the gravy.

You can’t boil water with an air fryer, but you will eventually get steaming liquid.

What If You Put To Lot Of Water In The Deep Fryer?

If you by chance discover that you have brought too a lot water to the air frying pan, or that you have introduced water close to electrical components, then you need to act rapidly to keep away from similarly damage.

First, make positive the gadget is became off and unplugged from the essential electricity outlet.

Then strive to get rid of the water with a cup or cloth.

Once you’ve got eliminated what you can manually, then it is pleasant to let the air in the frying pan dry naturally.

Depending on the situation, this can take somewhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Plug the air frying pan returned into the strength furnish solely when you are cozy with the quantity of water, if any, inner the appliance.

If in doubt, I advise ready as an alternative than risking harm to yourself, home equipment and/or the kitchen. 

What’S The Matter With Adding Water In An Air Frying Pan?

Water can help replenish any dry food.

It moistens the air inside the food, makes the food particles absorb the tiny water particles inside the food, and endows the food with new life.

Add a few drops of water to an empty drip pan, and the baked goods in the basket will look fresh.

They will taste as good as fresh ones.

It is useful to add water when cooking high-fat foods such as bacon and hamburger patties in an air fryer.

Greasy food is easy to exude grease and lead to smoking.

Adding water can make the grease float, keep it cool and prevent smoking.

In addition to fat, you can also add water to any meat that will produce juice, such as meatballs, chicken legs, etc.

Unless you need to reapply the fallen juice or use it as a sauce, it’s always worth adding some water and avoiding smoking.

For those who have allergies and lung complications, smoking can be a problem, not to mention the terrible smell of burning around you.

Water also makes it fast and easy to clean drip pans.

The hot liquid will be mixed with oil to soften and remove debris from inaccessible places.

Does Water Evaporation Occur?

In an air fryer, water doesn’t evaporate; instead, it dissolves into the food you’re cooking.

The best illustration of this is when an appliance is used to prepare frozen vegetables.

You would imagine that as the frozen vegetables melt and the appliance heats up, the water from the frozen vegetables evaporates in this situation.

This is not the case, though.

Instead, as the meal heats up, the water seeps into it, making it moist and mushy.

Can Water Be Used To Clean An Air Fryer?

When cooking, you should only add a few drops of water to your air fryer, therefore you might wonder how you can keep the device safely clean.

After all, you want to keep the equipment clean to avoid the accumulation of grease, dirt, and bacteria that could lead to food poisoning.

Fortunately, there is a safe way to clean your air fryer with water.

The precise procedure consists of two steps;

Cleaning the Air Fryer’s Interior

The interior of your air fryer is known to get incredibly grimy over time.

As a result, any part of the appliance without an electrical component that can be securely removed from the appliance can be cleaned with soap and water.

If you’re unsure about whether parts of your air fryer are washable, consult your instruction booklet as models and manufacturers have different specifications.

After washing the parts, be careful to give them time to dry completely before putting them back into the air fryer.

Cleaning the Air Fryer’s Exterior

Your air fryer’s exterior will probably need cleaning more frequently than its interior because it will become dirty both during usage and just from sitting out on the counter.

You must first unplug your air fryer from the mains electricity before wiping down the exterior with a moist cloth to clean it.

Any component of the appliance that may be safely removed from the air fryer and does not contain an electrical component should not be submerged in water.

Keep in mind that air fryers are, first and foremost, electrical appliances, thus cleaning them should be done with the utmost care and safety.

Quick Answer To Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer
Quick Answer To Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer

How Do Air Fryers Operate?

I promised to briefly explain how air fryers operate in order to put everything in context. Moreover, to comprehend why using water in an air fryer is possible. In comparison to deep frying, it does use less oil.

No, you are not covering your food entirely in oil. So, precisely how does it fry?

A little appliance that functions somewhat like a convection oven is an air fryer. A fan circulates extremely hot air around the fryer when it is introduced.

The air can become extremely heated but is also contained in a limited space due to its size. The meal is then swiftly cooked by the heat, resulting in the crispy development known as air frying.

Can You Steam Meals By An Air Fryer?

Air fryers can’t steam food.

This is due to the fact steamers and air fryers work on distinctive principles.

Steamers warmth water to produce steam to prepare dinner food, whilst regular fryers use circulating warm air to prepare dinner food.

If you desire to steam something, you’ll higher use any other appliance, such as an on the spot cooker or a steamer.

If you are no longer certain which utensils you want to use to cook, be mindful that air fryers are commonly used to prepare dinner meals to make it crisp and dry, whilst steamers use warm water to penetrate meals to cook dinner them.

Can You Boil Water By An Air Fryer?

There are two important motives why the air fryer can’t boil water;

First of all, the meals basket is no longer sealed due to the fact air is wanted to prepare dinner the food.

Since so an awful lot water is positioned right here and tried to boil, it will solely motive water to drain into the equipment and purpose serious harm to the appliance.

Secondly, the temperature of the air fryer is now not sufficient to boil water.

If you desire to prepare dinner meals in boiling water, you would higher use either a pan or an on the spot / strain cooker rather of an air fryer. 


An air fryer can be filled with water. A tablespoon of water used while cooking fatty meals, which typically produce smoke when heated, will lessen the amount of smoke produced. It’s also safe to use the air fryer to reheat soup in a bowl. A short-circuit could be caused by liquids in the air fryer getting too close to the electronics.

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