How Long To Defrost Chicken In Microwave Quick Answered
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How Long To Defrost Chicken In Microwave? Quick Answered

The microwave can be useful when it’s almost time for dinner and the pound of chicken you had planned to use is still in the freezer. But if you’re not careful, it’s simple to make frozen chicken into a partially cooked, partially frozen mess.

There are numerous methods for defrosting chicken, and in this post, I’ll show you how long to defrost chicken in microwave.

Can You Defrost Chicken In The Microwave?

Yes, you can. Many people have defrosted chicken in a microwave oven for many years. This is a simple and fast way to defrost the chicken.

Chicken is not cooked when defrosted in the microwave oven, which makes it very suitable for dinner.

Can You Make Frozen Chicken?

It depends on the cooking method of frozen chicken. For example, many people ask if you can put frozen chicken in a slow cooker, which is absolutely not allowed.

This is because the slow cooker is not hot enough.

However, you can use an air fryer to make frozen chicken, such as frozen chicken breast in an air fryer, or you can use an instant fryer to make frozen chicken, such as frozen whole chicken in an instant fryer.

Although the biggest reason I use defrosted chicken is that it can cook faster. This makes cooking easier.

How To Defrost Chicken Quickly?

The fastest way to defrost chicken is to use a microwave oven. It’s much faster and simpler than an air fryer or a fast food cooker.

Chicken breast, chicken thigh, chicken leg, chicken wing, chicken breast, etc. can be defrosted in a microwave oven.

But today we are going to teach you how to defrost chicken breast meat in the microwave oven.

How To Defrost Chicken In Microwave?

In an emergency, it is feasible to defrost the chicken in a microwave oven, but if it is not handled properly, the texture of the chicken may be changed. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, so that everything can defrost evenly.


Take the chicken out of the freezing bag and put it on a safe plate in the microwave oven.

Check your settings

Set the microwave oven to defrost or 50% power, which will prevent it from cooking outside while keeping it frozen inside.

How Long To Defrost Chicken In Microwave Quick Answered
How Long To Defrost Chicken In Microwave? Quick Answered


Cook for two minutes, cook for one minute, and repeat this step until the chicken is soft and raw. If a small part is still ice, stop melting. If your frozen meat is broken, pause defrosting every few minutes and separate them.

Are there any more questions about how to cook chicken and make it delicious? Chicken. The e-book is full of tips and tricks for cooking juicy tender chicken.

How To Defrost Chicken In The Refrigerator?

Putting chicken in the refrigerator to defrost requires the most advanced planning because chicken takes at least a whole day to defrost, but this is also the safest and most recommended. To defrost in this way, just put the frozen chicken in the refrigerator; Make sure the temperature of your refrigerator is set at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Wrap the chicken and put it in a container, tray, or plate to prevent the juice from leaking to other foods (you can also put it on the bottom of the refrigerator).

Although most packaged frozen chicken may defrost within 24 hours, the large boneless chicken breast, bony parts, and the whole chicken may take two days or more to defrost. Once defrosted, your chicken can be kept in the refrigerator for another day or two before cooking.

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How To Quickly Defrost Chicken In Cold Water?

Although this method defrosts faster than the refrigerator, it needs more attention. Your chicken can be soaked in the original sealed package or put in a leakproof bag first. Pour cold water into a large bowl (or kitchen sink); Then, dip the bag containing the chicken into the water. Remember to change the water every 30 minutes, so that the water will keep a low temperature and bacteria will not start to grow.

According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, small packages of chicken (about a pound) may defrost in an hour or less, while 3 to 4 pounds of packaging may take 2 to 3 hours. Chicken defrosted with cold water should be cooked immediately.

How Long To Defrost Chicken In Microwave?

The time of defrosting chicken in a microwave oven depends on the power of the microwave oven.

We have an 800W microwave oven, so it is a little slower than a 1200W one.

We found that it takes 14 minutes to defrost a whole package of frozen chicken fillets in the microwave oven.

How To Determine If Chicken Has Been Defrosted Adequately?

Cut a small slit in the thickest portion of the breast or thigh to see if your chicken is fully defrosted. Insert your finger; the flesh should be flexible and free of any ice crystals. You must keep defrosting if you detect ice crystals or if the flesh is firm.


Remove the frozen chicken from its packing, put it on a plate that can go in the microwave, and zap it on the defrost setting, or 30 percent power level, for 2 minutes per pound, or until it is completely defrosted.

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